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Dear YFC Community

Thank you for your prayers & support as we continue reaching lost students - where they are. Here is example of how we are still doing ministry during COVID-19.


Be Afraid, but Don’t Give Way to Fear

What a mighty God we serve! Facing the global pandemic, we need to take a moment to think Biblically about our response to COVID-19.

  • Fear God - This is a holy reverence of the Almighty, and submitting to the King of the Universe.
  • Rapid Response Fear - This is our instinctual ability to react in a moment of danger. Think of a parent who spontaneously leaps into action to protect their child.
  • Appropriate Concern - This allows us to be sobered by what we are facing and with our God-given ability to analyze, we make wise and planned choices to protect those we love.

God designed us with the ability to be afraid because he loves us and wants to protect us.


We have appropriate concerns for the students we have met with, built relationships with, lived life with, and love and care for them socially, mentally and spiritually.


Here are three examples of how the staff are caring for the hurting 11-19 years old during this time.

1. “Hey, just a quick story. Yesterday I had a student celebrating his 17th birthday and just made it a point to go get him a present and dropped it in his mailbox. He later texted me and told me it was the worst birthday ever and he was glad I remembered him. I don’t do that often but this seems to be a very important time to remember kids’ birthdays and really make them feel loved.”


 2. “I was prompted to contact a number of my partners who support the mission of YFC. The goal was to pray for them and ask if we/I could help them. We had an open conversation about his business being adversely affected by COVID-19. We shared God’s sovereignty in our lives and in business. Then, before I could say, ‘Let me pray for you’, he said, ‘Let me pray for you’. He prayed for our nation, YFC, my family and our mission. What a blessing in a short phone conversation.”


 3. “We have two ministry leaders (volunteers) reach out to the same family to meet a physical need. One took a television to the brother and sister’s home, while another took a table with an antenna. The family did not have a working TV, cable or internet connection. The students are so happy and grateful for the television and table.”


These stories challenge us all to act on the Spirit’s prompting. Even with “restrictions” we should look to find appropriate ways to react/respond promptly. We need to learn and realize there is usually a way He enables and provides the path to meet physical, social, mental and spiritual needs when we take the time to just do it.


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