Youth for Christ/USA has had a distinctive history of youth evangelism. In 1944 Billy Graham and Torrey Johnson held a Youth for Christ rally in Chicago. Beginning at the end of World War II, Youth for Christ quickly organized into a national movement with Billy Graham becoming YFC/USA's first full-time staff member.  Today at thousands of community centers, high schools, middle schools, juvenile institutions, coffee shops, and local hangouts, teens hear about the message of Jesus.  For more about the national movement of Youth for Christ, visit

Throughout YFC's history, there has been an unwavering commitment to youth evangelism and sharing the Gospel message will never change.  YFC is flexible to creatively communicate this message in the context of different cultural settings.

Starting in:

  •  Late 1940s and early 1950s, YFC began with Saturday Night Rallies 
  •  Findlay Area YFC was founded in October 1958 with a name change to Youth for Christ of Northwest Ohio, Inc. in October 2015
  •  In the 1960s and 1970s, Campus Life Clubs began
  •  YFCNWOH is a 501 (C) (3) para-church organization    


  • Billy Graham became YFC's first full-time staff member.

  • Campus Life ministries to senior and junior high youth began in the middle 1960's.

  • Lester Miller founded our local chapter in 1958.

  • Paul Miserlian was the first executive director of this chapter for 42 years (from 1958 - 2001).